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I'd like to introduce my new range of spray tan solutions with a "GOLDEN COLOUR GUIDE". This means that instead of being an instant, really dark brown, like some solutions make you, you will be a gorgeous golden brown, so you can have your tan in the morning and spend the rest of the day confidently going about your routine, without looking really dark. This solution develops over 8 hours and there is no need to wash off the colour guide like you should with darker ones. My solutions range from really light with a golden colour guide to really dark with a dark colour guide. There's something for everyone at Bronzed Beauties Spray Tanning.

The benefits of having a spray tan: It's safe, quick, precise and cheap! A spray tan will wear off gradually and evenly over a week, unlike a real suntan which starts to itch and peel off as soon as you return from your holiday. Not to mention the awful, permanent sun damage, new moles and freckles you would experience from a real suntan. It dries quickly, does not smell and it will not come off on your clothes. The spray tan is applied from a spray gun while you stand in a pop up tanning tent.  

If you would like to have a trial spray tan, I advise booking your trial at least 2 or 3 weeks before your event, so it can all be off ready for the proper tan. If you'd just like a patch test, just pop to my house, where I spray your tummy area for free, you trot off home and see how you like it and check there are no reactions). If you like it and would like to book in, just give me a tinkle for a tan!


Men are welcome!


A spray tan won't be suitable for everyone. If you have very dry skin or have combination skin, half dry, half oily, then the tan may look patchy on you. It would be best to have a trial tan, before you book one for a special event.
I advise to have your trial spray tan at least 3 weeks before having the one for your night out, to give your skin enough time to come off . If there is not enough time then I usually spray the tummy area (for free) so you can see what colour that tan comes out. I also do this as a patch test if you have sensitive skin.

If you have normal skin, then please read on!

To acheive the best tan, you need to prepare your skin beforehand.

1. A few days before your appointment, you should start moisturising any dry skin, especially elbows, knees, ankles and feet.

2. You should bath or shower and exfoliate before you come but please DO NOT APPLY any creams, make up or deodrant (this is very important as they create a barrier between your skin and the solution). Remove all jewellery.

3. Wear loose fitting clothes, such as a tracksuit. Try to avoid jeans with buckles and belts as these may rub off the solution before it has time to work.